Saturday, March 12, 2011

owl taxonomy and conservation

Splits beyond Konig:

New Guinea masked-owl Tyto calabayi from Australian masked-owl

Madeira barn owl Tyto schmitzi from common barn owl

Slender-billed barn owl Tyto gracilirostris from common barn owl

Tyto javica from common barn owl

Colombian barn owl Tyto contempta from American barn owl

Bonaire barn owl from American barn owl

Tyto cayeui from lesser masked owl

"Somaliland scops" from African scops

Annobon Is Scops Otus faea from African scops

Principe scops

Cyprus scops Otus cyprius from Common scops

Rinjani scops Otus julandae

Chinese scops Otus erythrocampe from collared scops

Lanyu scops Otus botelensis from elegant scops

Calayan scops owl Otus calayensis from elegant scops

Banggai scops Otus mendeni from Sulawesi scops

Togian scops

Thai race Otus modestus from Oriental scops-owl Otus sunia

Sri Lanka scops Otus leggi from Oriental scops-owl

Andaman/Nicobar from Oriental scops-owl

Formosean Scops Otus hambroecki from mountain scops-owl

Vandewater's scops Otus vandewateri from Mountain scops-owl

Bornean scops Otus lucia from mountain scops-owl

Megascops duidae from Tropical screech owl

Santa Marta screech owl

Megascops vinaceus from Western screech owl

Megascops suttoni from Western screech owl

Megascops mccalli from Eastern screech owl

Apurimac Screech owl from Koepcke's screech owl

Byzantine Eagle owl Bubo interpositus from Eurasian eagle-owl

Mackinder's eagle owl Bubo mackinderi split from Cape eagle-owl

Turkish fish owl Bubo semenowi from brown fish owl

Bengal fish owl Bubo leschenaulti from brown fish owl

Magreb tawny owl Strix mauritanira from tawny owl

Omani owl Strix omanonsis

Mexican spotted owl Strix lucida from spotted owl

California spotted owl Strix caurina from spotted owl

Mexican barred owl Strix sartorri from barred owl

Strix borelitana (Atlantic forest) from Mottled owl

Lapland owl from great-gray owl

Western crested owl Lophostrix stricklandi from crested owl

American hawk owl Surnia caparochrom Northern hawk owl

Glaucidium ucayalae (East Amazonia) from ferruginous pygmy owl

Apurimac pygmy owl from Peruvian pygmy owl

Taenloglaux maliba (Western Ghats) from Jungle owlet

Schefferi's owlet (NE Africa) from African barred owlet

Cucumieu Athene noctua from little owl

Northern little owl Athene plumipes from little owl

Hutton's little owl Athene batriana from little owl

Assam race Athene ultra from Spotted owlet

Florida burrowing owl Athene floridena from burrowing owl

Richardson's owl Aegolis richardsoni from Tengmalm's owl

Aegolius heringi (Brazil) from buff fronted owl

Roti boobook Ninox rotiensis from southern boobook

Alor boobook Ninox plesseni from southern boobook

Timor boobook Ninox fusca from southern boobook

Ryukyu hawk owl from brown hawk owl

Humes's hawk owl Ninox obscura from brown hawk owl

Tawi Tawi boobook Ninox reyi from Philippine boobook

Cebu boobook from Philippine boobook

Mindinao boobook Ninox spilocephala from Philippine boobook

Camiguin boobook from Philippine boobook

Tablas boobook from Philippine boobook

West Solomon boobook Ninox jacquinoti from Solomon boobook

Guadalcanal boobook Ninox granti from Solomon boobook

Malaita boobook Ninox malaitae from Solomon boobook

Makira boobook Ninox roseoaxillaris from Solomon boobook

Bacan hawk owl from Moluccan hawk owl

Gede hawk owl from Moluccan hawk owl

Halmahara hawk owl from Moluccan hawk owl

Tanimbar hawk owl from Moluccan hawk owl

Hantu hawk owl from Moluccan hawk owl

Wilson's owl Asio wilsonianus from long-eared owl

Pohnpei owl Asio ponapensis from short-eared owl

Antillean owl Asio domingensis from short-eared owl

Hawaiian owl Asio sandwichensis from short-eared owl

Field owl Asio suida from short-eared owl

Owl Conservation

1994 edition of Birds to Watch

Rare owls that I have not seen


Seychelles scops

Anjouan scops

Grand Coromo scops

Forest owlet


Madagascar red owl

Blakiston's eagle-owl

Rufous fishing-owl


Taliabu masked-owl

Manus masked-owl

Bismark masked-owl

Congo bay-owl

white-fronted scops-owl

sokoke scops-owl

Javan scops-owl

Mindoro scops-owl

Usambara eagle-owl

Sichuan wood-owl

Albertine owlet

powerful owl

fearful owl

Near Threatened

lesser sooty owl

Andaman scops-owl

Sao Tome scops-owl

Pemba scops-owl

tawny fish-owl

chestnut-backed owlet

Andaman hawk-owl

owls that I have seen and owls I still need

Here's my list of owls that I have seen. The taxonomy follows Konig except for African barn owl, Colombian barn owl, Santa Marta, Vinaceous and Apurimac screech-owls, Walden's, Everett's and Negros scops-owls, Mexican and Northern spotted-owls, Bornean wood owl, Timor boobook, Hume's, Romblon, Cebu and Camiguin hawk-owls, Apurimac pygmy-owl, Cucumai, Wilson's owl, Antillean, Hawaiian and field owl.

1 Tasmanian masked-owl
2 Sulawesi owl
3 Australasian grass-owl
4 Ashy-faced owl
5 Common barn-owl
6 Javan barn owl (Mikkola suggested split)
7 Andaman Masked owl
8 American barn-owl
9 Colombian barn owl
10 African barn-owl
11 Red owl
12 Sri Lanka Bay owl
13 Mountain scops-owl
14 Indian scops-owl
15 Sunda scops-owl
16 Wallace's sops-owl
17 Palawan scop's owl
18 Lowland Luzon scops-owl
19 Everette's scops-owl
20 Negros scops-owl
21 Luzon scops-owl
22 Mindanao scops-owl
23 Oriental scops owl
24 Walden's scops owl
25 Andaman scops owl
26 Elegant (Calayan) scops-owl
27 Common scops-owl
28 Pallid scops-owl
29 Arabian scops
30 Flammulated owl
31 Moluccan scops-owl
32 Mantanani scops-owl
33 Sulawesi scops-owl
34 Malagasy scops-owl
35 Torotoroka scops-owl
36 Western screech-owl
37 Vinaceous screech owl (xanthusi race-per HBW)
38 Balsas screech owl
39 Santa Marta screech-owl
40 Whiskered screech-owl
41 Eastern screech-owl
42 Pacific screech-owl
43 Oaxacan screech-owl
44 Tropical screech-owl
45 Koepcke's screech-owl
46 Apurimac screech-owl
47 Peruvian screech-owl
48 Tumbesian screech-owl
49 Colombian screech-owl
50 Rufescent screech-owl
51 Cloud-forest screech-owl
52 Bare-shanked screech-owl
53 Bearded screech-owl
54 Hoy's screech-owl
55 Cinnamon screech-owl
56 Vermiculated screech-owl (Choco)
57 Guatemalan screech-owl
58 Rio Napo screech-owl
59 (Southern) tawny-bellied screech-owl
60 Black-capped screech-owl
61 White-throated screech-owl
62 Northern white-faced owl
63 Giant scops-owl
64 Great-horned owl
65 Magellan owl
66 Eurasian eagle-owl
67 Rock eagle-owl
68 Dusky Eagle owl
69 Pharaoh eagle owl
70 Vermiculated eagle-owl
71 Arabian eagle-owl (Spotted)
72 Forest eagle-owl
73 Barred eagle-owl
74 Verreaux's eagle-owl
75 Snowy owl
76 Philippine eagle-owl
77 Buffy fish-owl
78 brown fish owl
79 spotted wood-owl
80 Mottled wood-owl
81 Mexican spotted-owl
82 Northern spotted-owl
83 California spotted owl 
84 Brown wood-owl
85 Bornean wood owl
86 Mountain wood-owl
87 tawny owl
88 Hume's owl
89 Omani owl
90 Mottled owl
91 Mexican wood owl
92 rufous legged owl
93 Chaco owl
94 Rufous-banded
95 Black and white
96 Black-banded
97 Fulvous owl
98 Barred owl
99 Ural
100 Great gray-owl
101 Crested owl
102 Spectacled owl
103 Tawny-browed owl
104 Band-bellied owl
105 Northern hawk-owl
106 Collared owlet
107 Pearl-spotted owlet
108 Eurasian pygmy-owl
109 Northern (Pacific) pygmy-owl
110 Northern (Rocky Mountain) pygmy-owl
111 Mountain pygmy-owl
112 Cape pygmy owl
113 Yungas pygmy-owl
114 Austral pygmy owl
115 Costa Rican pygmy-owl
116 Tucamen pygmy-owl
117 Colima pygmy-owl
118 Tamaulipas pygmy owl
119 Central American pygmy-owl
120 Amazonian pygmy-owl
121 Subtropical-pygmy-owl
122 Ferruginous pygmy-owl
123 Ridgeway's pygmy-owl
124 Peruvian pygmy-owl
125 Apurimac pygmy-owl
126 Asian barred owlet
127 Malabar barred owlet (Konig suggested split)
128 Jungle owlet
129 Elf owl
130 Long-whiskered owlet
131 (Northern) Burrowing owl
132 (Florida) burrowing owl
133 Spotted owlet
134 Little owl
135 Cucumai
136 Lillith owl
137 Forest owlet
138 Boreal owl
139 Northern saw-whet owl
140 Unspotted saw-whet owl
141 Buff-fronted owl
142 Barking owl
143 Sumba boobook
144 Southern boobook
145 Tasmanian boobook
146 Timor boobook
147 Little Sumba hawk-owl
148 Brown hawk-owl
149 Hume's hawk owl
150 Andaman hawk owl
151 Chocolate boobook
152 White-browed owl
153 Luzon hawk-owl
154 Mindoro hawk-owl
155 Romblon hawk-owl
156 Cebu hawk-owl
157 Camiguin hawk-owl
158 Jamaican owl
159 Stygian owl
160 Long-eared owl
161 Wilson's owl
162 Madagascan long-eared owl
163 Short-eared owl
164 Field owl
165 Antillean owl
166 Hawaiian Owl
167 Marsh owl
168 Striped owl

And here is a list of owls I still need to see:
Madeira barn owl Robb split from Eastern barn owl
Slender-billed barn owl Robb split from Eastern barn owl
Curacao barn owl
Lesser Antilles barn owl
Galapagos barn owl
Cape Verde barn owl
Sao Tome barn owl
Bioko barn owl Clement's group from Eastern barn owl
Boang barn owl
Australian barn owl
Golden masked owl
Taliabu masked owl
African grass owl
Buru (lesser)  masked owl  Clements group from lesser masked owl
Tanimbar (lesser) masked owl Clements group from lesser masked owl
Seram masked owl new species
Manus masked owl
Australian masked owl
New Guinea masked owl Sibley and Monroe suggested split from Australian Masked owl
Minhassa masked owl
lesser sooty owl
greater sooty owl
New Guinea sooty owl Konig suggested split
Itombwe owl
Oriental bay owl
Reddish scops owl
Serendib scops owl
Reddish sandy scops-owl Clement's group from Sandy scops
Sandy scops owl Clement's group from Sandy scops
white-fronted scops owl
Sokoke scops owl
Stressmann's scops owl possibly not a species
Javan scops owl
Mindoro scops owl
Flores scops owl
Sao Tome' scops owl
Principe scops owl undescribed form
Mayotte scops owl
Anjouan scops owl
Grand Comoro scops owl
Moheli scops owl
Cyprus scops owl Robb split and Clement's group from common scops
Socotra scops owl
African scops owl
Snowy scops owl Clement's group from African scops
Annabon scops owl Konig suggested split and Clement's group from African scops
Somali scops owl undescribed form, possible split from African scops owl
Mountain scops owl Konig "some taxa may be good species"
Formosan scops owl Sibley and Monroe suggested split from Mountain scops owl
Bornean scops owl Sibley and Monroe suggested split from Mountain scops owl
Vanderwater's scops owl Sibley and Monroe suggested split from Mountain scops owl
Sulu scops owl Sibley and Monroe suggested split from Mantanani scops owl
Northern Oriental scops owl taxonomy unclear, possible split from Southern birds
Lanyu scops owl possible split from Elegant scops owl
Rykuyu scops owl possible split from Elegant scops owl
Rinjani scops owl new species
Wetar scops owl
Sula scops owl
Banggai scops owl possible split from Sulawesi scops owl
Togian scops owl undescribed
Siau scops owl
Kalidupa scops owl
Sangihe scops owl
Seychelles scops owl
Pemba scops owl
Nicabor scops owl
Simeulue scops owl
Enggano scops owl
Mentawai scops owl
Rajah scops owl
Singapore scops owl
Collared scops owl
Chinese collared scops Mikkola suggested split from Collared scops
Japanese scops owl
Sutton's screech owl (Clement's group from Western screech)
McCall's screech owl (Clement's group from Eastern Screech)
Vermiculated screech owl (Clement's group from Choco Screech)
Northern tawny-bellied screech owl
Santa Catarina screech owl
Puerto Rican screech owl
Duida screech owl (Konig suggested split from Tropical screech)
Cuban bare-legged owl
Palau scops owl
Southern white-faced owl
Byzantine eagle owl Robb suggested split from Eurasian
Pharaoh Eagle owl Clement's group from Arabian birds
Cape eagle owl
McKinder's eagle owl (Clement's group from previous species)
Akun eagle owl
African spotted eagle owl potential split from Arabian birds
Fraser's eagle owl
Usambara eagle owl
Shelly's eagle owl
Tawny fish owl
Turkish fish owl Robb split and Clement's group from brown fish owl
Bengal fish owl Robb split from brown fish owl
Blakiston's fish owl
Pel's fish owl
Vermiculated fish owl
Rufous fish owl
Nias wood owl
Bartell's wood owl
Mahgreb owl Robb split from tawny owl
Himalayan wood owl
Atlantic mottled owl Clement's group from mottled owl
Rusty-barred owl
Cinereous owl Clement's group from barred owl
Sichuan wood owl
Lapland owl Robb split from great-gray owl
Maned owl
Short-browed owl
Western red-chested owlet Clement's group from red-chested owlet
Pycraft's red-chested owlet Clement's group from red-chested owlet
Eastern red-chested owlet Clement's group from red-chested owlet
Guatemalan pygmy owl
Sick's pygmy owl
Pernambuco pygmy owl
Cuban pygmy owl
Cloud forest pygmy owl
Andean pygmy owl
chestnut-backed owlet
Sjoeatedt's owlet
Northern African barred owlet Clement's group from African barred
Southern African barred owlet Clement's group from African barred
Etchecopar's owlet
Chestnut owlet
Albertine owlet
Sunda Owlet (proposed split from Collared by Eaton)
Javan owlet
Hutton's little owl Clement's group from little owl
Northern Little owl Mikkola split from Little owl
Ethiopian little owl
Tengmalm's owl Robb split and Clement's group from Boreal
Brazilian buff fronted owl Konig suggestion
Rufous owl
Powerful owl
Roti boobook Clement's group from Southern boobook, Mikkola suggested split
Alor boobook Clement's group from Southern boobook, Mikkola suggested split
Red boobook
Northern boobook Sibley and Monroe suggested split from Southern boobook
Northern boobook
Rykuyu boobook possible split (birds of NE Asia) from Northern boobook
Mindanao boobook
Sulu boobook
West Solomon boobook proposed split from Solomon boobook
Guadalcanal boobook proposed split from Solomon boobook
Malaita boobook proposed split from Solomon boobook
Makira boobook proposed split from Solomon boobook
Togian hawk-owl
Cinnabar hawk-owl
White spotted hawk-owl undescribed form, maybe a subspecies of Cinnabar
Ochre-bellied hawk-owl
Christmas hawk-owl
Jungle hawk owl
Speckled hawk-owl
New Britain hawk-owl
Buru Boobook proposed split by Eaton from Hantu boobook Clements group from Moluccan hawk 
Seram boobook proposed split by Eaton from Hantu boobook Clements group from Moluccan hawk 
Halmahara boobook Clements group from Moluccan hawk owl
Bacan boobook Mikkola suggested split from Halmahara boobook
Tanimbar boobook Clements group from Moluccan hawk owl
Gebe boobook (Mikkola comment that an undescribed boobook lives on Gede Is)
Manus hawk-owl
Bismark hawk-owl
Eurasian Northern hawk-owl Robb split from Northern hawk owl
Papuan hawk owl
Fearful owl
Abyssinian long-eared owl
Pohnpei short-eared owl Clements group from short-eared owl
Galapagos short-eared owl