Saturday, March 12, 2011

owl taxonomy and conservation

Splits beyond Konig:

New Guinea masked-owl Tyto calabayi from Australian masked-owl

Madeira barn owl Tyto schmitzi from common barn owl

Slender-billed barn owl Tyto gracilirostris from common barn owl

Tyto javica from common barn owl

Colombian barn owl Tyto contempta from American barn owl

Bonaire barn owl from American barn owl

Tyto cayeui from lesser masked owl

"Somaliland scops" from African scops

Annobon Is Scops Otus faea from African scops

Principe scops

Cyprus scops Otus cyprius from Common scops

Rinjani scops Otus julandae

Chinese scops Otus erythrocampe from collared scops

Lanyu scops Otus botelensis from elegant scops

Calayan scops owl Otus calayensis from elegant scops

Banggai scops Otus mendeni from Sulawesi scops

Togian scops

Thai race Otus modestus from Oriental scops-owl Otus sunia

Sri Lanka scops Otus leggi from Oriental scops-owl

Andaman/Nicobar from Oriental scops-owl

Formosean Scops Otus hambroecki from mountain scops-owl

Vandewater's scops Otus vandewateri from Mountain scops-owl

Bornean scops Otus lucia from mountain scops-owl

Megascops duidae from Tropical screech owl

Santa Marta screech owl

Megascops vinaceus from Western screech owl

Megascops suttoni from Western screech owl

Megascops mccalli from Eastern screech owl

Apurimac Screech owl from Koepcke's screech owl

Byzantine Eagle owl Bubo interpositus from Eurasian eagle-owl

Mackinder's eagle owl Bubo mackinderi split from Cape eagle-owl

Turkish fish owl Bubo semenowi from brown fish owl

Bengal fish owl Bubo leschenaulti from brown fish owl

Magreb tawny owl Strix mauritanira from tawny owl

Omani owl Strix omanonsis

Mexican spotted owl Strix lucida from spotted owl

California spotted owl Strix caurina from spotted owl

Mexican barred owl Strix sartorri from barred owl

Strix borelitana (Atlantic forest) from Mottled owl

Lapland owl from great-gray owl

Western crested owl Lophostrix stricklandi from crested owl

American hawk owl Surnia caparochrom Northern hawk owl

Glaucidium ucayalae (East Amazonia) from ferruginous pygmy owl

Apurimac pygmy owl from Peruvian pygmy owl

Taenloglaux maliba (Western Ghats) from Jungle owlet

Schefferi's owlet (NE Africa) from African barred owlet

Cucumieu Athene noctua from little owl

Northern little owl Athene plumipes from little owl

Hutton's little owl Athene batriana from little owl

Assam race Athene ultra from Spotted owlet

Florida burrowing owl Athene floridena from burrowing owl

Richardson's owl Aegolis richardsoni from Tengmalm's owl

Aegolius heringi (Brazil) from buff fronted owl

Roti boobook Ninox rotiensis from southern boobook

Alor boobook Ninox plesseni from southern boobook

Timor boobook Ninox fusca from southern boobook

Ryukyu hawk owl from brown hawk owl

Humes's hawk owl Ninox obscura from brown hawk owl

Tawi Tawi boobook Ninox reyi from Philippine boobook

Cebu boobook from Philippine boobook

Mindinao boobook Ninox spilocephala from Philippine boobook

Camiguin boobook from Philippine boobook

Tablas boobook from Philippine boobook

West Solomon boobook Ninox jacquinoti from Solomon boobook

Guadalcanal boobook Ninox granti from Solomon boobook

Malaita boobook Ninox malaitae from Solomon boobook

Makira boobook Ninox roseoaxillaris from Solomon boobook

Bacan hawk owl from Moluccan hawk owl

Gede hawk owl from Moluccan hawk owl

Halmahara hawk owl from Moluccan hawk owl

Tanimbar hawk owl from Moluccan hawk owl

Hantu hawk owl from Moluccan hawk owl

Wilson's owl Asio wilsonianus from long-eared owl

Pohnpei owl Asio ponapensis from short-eared owl

Antillean owl Asio domingensis from short-eared owl

Hawaiian owl Asio sandwichensis from short-eared owl

Field owl Asio suida from short-eared owl

Owl Conservation

1994 edition of Birds to Watch

Rare owls that I have not seen


Seychelles scops

Anjouan scops

Grand Coromo scops

Forest owlet


Madagascar red owl

Blakiston's eagle-owl

Rufous fishing-owl


Taliabu masked-owl

Manus masked-owl

Bismark masked-owl

Congo bay-owl

white-fronted scops-owl

sokoke scops-owl

Javan scops-owl

Mindoro scops-owl

Usambara eagle-owl

Sichuan wood-owl

Albertine owlet

powerful owl

fearful owl

Near Threatened

lesser sooty owl

Andaman scops-owl

Sao Tome scops-owl

Pemba scops-owl

tawny fish-owl

chestnut-backed owlet

Andaman hawk-owl