Sunday, July 24, 2011

Multnomah owls


A catalog of owling sightings from my home county-Multnomah, Oregon prior to 2011, when I took up owling in earnest. Much more on Multnomah's owls can be read at the 2011 owling, 2012 owling, 2013 owling and 2014 owling....

Barn Owl. Roosting birds in Sauvie barns, under the Max bridge near IKEA, Blue Lake (Cyprus trees). Active birds at Willow Bar and Oak Island road and Exit 17. Dead birds at Smith and Bybee and Exit 18. Roosting bird, pines east of NE 13th (Tricolored blackbird site).
Great horned owl. Above Bonneville Dam at 800' with John July 2009. Nesting at Sauvie (Oak Is, Sturgeon Lake, Oak Is Rd and 3 miles south of Rentenar Rd) and Bybee Lake. Active birds at Exit 18, south Oaks Bottom, Tryon Ck and the Metro property on Multnomah Channel (near Rocky Point). Columbia waste water treatment plant, by the sculptures, roosting in a Doug fir.
Western screech owl. Active birds at Oak Is Rd, Maywood Dr (spring 2009), Yukon (winter 2010) and in Woodstock (winter 2011). Also SW Portland park and at the Vietnam memorial. Roosting birds at Oaks bottom, seen many times, always along the east side.
Saw whet owl. Calling birds at mp 6 on Larch Mountain road May 2005(tape responsive). Family of fledglings near mp4 on Larch mtn in 2008. Active birds at Tryon Ck, Feb 2002 (lifer, at last) and May 2008, (tape responsive). Roosting winter birds at Bybee lake (December 2003) and the Columbia Slough (November 2003).
Long-eared owl. Pair June 2003 the west end of Bybee Lake. Male with large flesh wound to the chest. Subsequent attempts to lure by tape unsuccessful.
Short-eared owl. The Columbia river from Broughton Beach to the 205 bridge. Up to 5 birds seen. Annually November to March. Also Skyline Blvd near Skyline Elementary, with John in March, 2002.
Northern pygmy owl. Singing May 2002 off of Rocky Point Rd. April 2003 singing by parking area of Newton Rd. May 2004 singing at Powell Butte. Heard at 3500' on Tanner Butte 2007. All other records around Larch Mtn (Palmer Mill), MP4, MP8, MP9 (clear-cut) and summit.
Great gray owl. winter of 2003 near Sandy River.
Spotted owl. June 2007, Larch mtn, heard only.
Barred owl, Audubon House (Forest Park) April 2002, in response to saw whet tape with John. Subsequently seen alongside the creek and in the reserve. Also seen and heard at Tryon Ck over several years. In 2007 heard at the entrance to Oxbow Lake county park in May. In 2008 seen at daytime with Tom at MP 10 of Larch Mtn.