Sunday, July 24, 2011

2009 and 2010 owling


These were my wilderness years bird wise. In 2009 I got divorced and my interest in birds lapsed. By 2011 I had decided to take up world owling in earnest. In between.....

11.10 pair of great horned heard, then seen mating at Deschutes SP
9.10 great horned calling and seen in the twilight at White River
8.10 Barn owl seen west of Dufur. Flushed from an abandoned house in daylight. Landed in a wheat field.
7.29.10 barred owl heard w Tui while camping in Maine
6.10 Western screech heard at the Snake river.
5.10 Western screech seen along Maywood drive with Tui after dark.
4.10 Great-horned owl seen on Dufur Gap Rd with Tui. Mobbed by Lewis's woodpeckers at midday.
12.9 Barred owl seen at Tacoma zoo, when looking at Christmas lights.
8.9 Barn owl seen and heard with Tui after dark near Willow Bar, Sauvie Is.